W.M. Keck Science Department


国产偷拍视频Science is a joint program with and .

国产偷拍视频Science majors at CMC won't be lost in huge lecture classes. They have many opportunities to do cutting-edge research, working directly with professors who are at the top of their fields. Undergraduate science majors at CMC routinely co-research and co-write papers and get a chance to form lasting relationships with mentor professors.

Another important feature and advantage of taking science programs while at CMC is the breadth of background provided in the humanities, economics, and government — areas in which the training of scientists and engineers has traditionally been lacking.

国产偷拍视频The majors in biology, chemistry, or physics emphasize the interrelationships of these sciences as well as their individual depths. The interdisciplinary majors in biology-chemistry, neuroscience, the environment, economics and politics, environmental science, and science and management are available to those students whose interests overlap several fields. Pre-medical and environmental emphasis through these concentrations are particular strengths.

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